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Apr 26, 2018

3 min read

7 Unexpected Benefits of Annual Company Retreats

Global Agora’s annual retreat has connected employees from around the world.

As office culture puts more emphasis on work-life balance, more companies are turning to retreats to build stronger communities among employees.

Retreats have a number of benefits, one of the most obvious being that they foster a sense of community among employees. Some of the other benefits may not be as obvious. For Global Agora, a venture capital company, much of the benefit lies in being able to connect employees from several of the companies under their umbrella.

“Since we started hosting the retreats, we saw a massive improvement on interconnected cultures, not only across office locations, but across the various departments as well. For example, our accounting department got to interact with our creative department and our business development teams got to connect with our technology development teams. A sense of unity was created that spread like wildfire and it transferred beyond just the few days of the actual retreat,“ said Cynthia Gentry, Director of Culture at Global Agora.

She said that the 2017 retreat was attended by 63 people representing Global Agora, Maximus, NanoQuery, Quad2 Media, Golden Lantern, and Union Square Media. Attendees also represented offices from New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Hyderabad, India.

Here are seven lessons Global Agora has learned from their yearly retreats.